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Since@mon': November 25th 2011, 09:35 * Camealon'ication kit only * age@mon': 2919 days * use@mon's: 1
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Well, I camealon' way:
Hello people and dear friends: In this quarreling time , I allways got ordered to seek for solutions in medievals like aeras, or to pretend to ancient ways of live. The knowledge of such persons don't mind solar energies to my bodys envireonment. The medieval sun was for free! How can I explain, that some didn't find the sun until now, yet? Perhaps there were the one and only solution in medieval times, perhaps not at all! So the theme of this forum now is: How to find live in medieval way of the third millennium. Yes, that is it: or The Idea of this forum is, to bring together some people with common sence, without to have to waste aims or time to preposterous connections. It should get a space, to tell tales and storys and to arrange once self, while watching each other during communication. Everybody should bear individual themes, to find like minded persons, or friends. Originally in this forum are not set borderlines between youth and truth, so everyone have to decide what he, she, it, wants to present to community. I f You need harder rules, You can create some. Everybody enters the Camea'lorum like everyone else. This position is called: comealon'. If Youre interested in, You 'll post something, and get next position therefore, by rules. So You can get wellcomealon', modealon', ..., others; don'tcomealon' or friends amon'. Please enjoy the Camea'lorum as well, and have very great fun in this small voyage of discovery at all. Further please, see the general rulealon' : too.
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Outside the moat

Unorganised deep forrest aera.
Come @mon' Inn:, Outside The Moat, Grousin' Bog
22November 15th 2012, 06:16
Camealonline How to jump in ?
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