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 Let me introduce Myself to You:

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BeitragThema: Let me introduce Myself to You:   Januar 6th 2012, 10:15

Sad Hello, People and dear Friends:

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Camealon' ? That's me !

I'm not studied, from a countryside aera, got denounced against doing correct working, and am now travelling trough the world.
Not allways I had good luck, but I'm not bad at all, and still trying to meet people, like minded to me.

The Idea of this forum is, to bring together some people with common sence, without to have to waste aims or time to preposterous connections.
It should get a space, to tell tales and stories and to arange once self, while watching each other during communication.

Everybody should bear individual themes, to find like minded persons, or maybe get friends.

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Let me introduce Myself to You:
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